These are lines that have been sung and recited by everyone that has had any form of formal education in this beautiful land called Nigeria isn’t it?  This is a clarion call to all Nigerians, arise and answer her call;

Answer her call for faith.

Answer her call for equity and justice.

Answer her call for service.

Answer her call for peace.

Answer her call for unity and love.

Answer her call for loyalty.

Answer her call for a good citizenry.

Arise Nigerians and speak with one voice; a voice of faith; faith for the country called Nigeria, yes, “There was a country” but have faith for the country that is to come, for the future of this nation lies with us. Yes, the future of Nigeria lies in our hearts, thoughts, brains and hands. The Nigeria we desire is very possible but it’s only possible when we think, speak and do the right things in line with our vision, desires and dreams for her.

Arise Nigerians and seek equity; when dishing out judgement, offering employment, making appointment(s), giving admission(s) into any institution(s) and the likes, it should be on merit, everyone should have the same level playing field. In essence every institution, be it private or public should be just and equitable in their admittance, employment and appointment procedure which is where I have a major challenge with the whole “Federal Character” format that we use in the appointment of our ministers, though for admission I can live with having a little concession for people that are “not privileged” to have the kind of educational exposure that is obtainable in other parts of the nation (that’s part of the inclusion and understanding to foster harmony), but this should be for a limited time  as we await the government both at the centre and in the various affected states to do all within and even outside their means to restore a standardised educational system to the region. Until this is done we just have to make concessions for our fellow Nigerians to get the very best of education, as for other institutions (both government and private), nepotism should be eschewed and equity and justice embraced.

Arise Nigerians and serve; we are Nigerians not just to gain from her, our first responsibility is to serve her. Yes! We are called to service, it’s a basic and very important part of our civic duties as citizens, and that’s because Nigeria is ours, and the sooner we come to that understanding that she belongs to us and not those in the various government offices or buildings, the better for us because then and only then can we rise to our responsibilities as citizens to “make Nigeria great again!” The Nigeria that we all dream and desire is very possible but the responsibility to get her to that desired place falls on us (citizens) and nobody else, so unless we stand up to our responsibilities and serve her with our resources (financial, intellectual, human and the rest), we would still be stuck in this conundrum that we currently find ourselves.

Arise Nigerians and speak with one voice; speak the language of love, peace and unity, let divisive words and actions be far from us, let’s relearn tolerance and unity. Let’s all unlearn this issue of ethnic divide that’s ripping the nation apart and replace it with tolerance and ethnic inclusion, in fact can we just do away with the whole ethnic “palava”?, and see and love each other as Nigerians, because that’s who we are; NIGERIANS, then we can purposefully progress as a nation and people. The moment we realise that our ethnic diversity is not a weakness or source of division but a source of strength then can we say that we’re on our way to our El Dorado. The truth is that if we want to move forward as a nation then we must embrace love; love not just for your family members and friends but for the “common man” on the street, love for that street kid, love for the nation and everything that has to do with her. The truth is that if we can live in love then we can forgo and forgive past wrongs done to any ethnic group and together we will forge ahead because “UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL”.

Arise Nigerians and defend her; our loyalty should transcend our words and become action, we should be steadfast and loyal towards the nation called Nigeria. We shouldn’t allow anyone intimidate, oppress or cajole us into selling the birthright of this nation on the altar of money, fame, “connection” et al, because as much as the proposition may sound and look enticing, whatever you’re offered will still finish or come to an end someday and when that happens, what will you do? Okay, it may last you your lifetime, but what of the generation after you? Or the one after that? What legacy are you leaving behind for them? Have you ever sat down to think about that? Remember that a good name is more valuable than silver or gold; also there are certain doors that money or “connect” can’t open, but a good name will unlock. So in all you do, make sure you remain loyal to the nation.

Arise Nigerians and be the best you can be at every given point in time, together we can and will bring Nigeria back to her position of glory.

God bless Nigeria!

God bless you!